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bosque de Aokigahara

Te quedaste con las ganas de ver huesitos??? 😛 no te preocupes, aqui la nueva dire

You stayed with the desire to see bones? 😛 do not worry, here the new address

Kipi Pictures???

Cosplay maybe???

195 comentarios to “bosque de Aokigahara”

  1. Dios…y pensar que yo estuve punto de hacerlo…eso es terrible

  2. el perfecto boske para hacerse una barbacoa ya ke la carne es gratis

  3. t has pasado. tp digas eso q no tiene ninguna gracia. comentarios asi guardalos mejor para ti. a ver si tienes un poco de respeto, joder.

  4. ¡Ja ja ja! No seas cabrón, nekromutante. La carne de gallina no sabe bien si está podrida.

  5. Mierda quiero ir para allá, al monte fuji digo, y ver el bosque y todo eso, se ve muy solitario y meláncolico.

  6. guau, craneos gratis :3

  7. Jaja, el perfecto bosque para hacer un asado xd
    Bue, “Mano de la Muerte”, entonces ponete a esperar
    que algun boludo vaya y se suicide, entonces aprovechas
    y lo cocinas antes que se pudra =).
    Lo que si va a ver que usar mucho condimento, para que tenga
    un rico sabor.
    Los craneos tambien sirven de sombrero?

  8. Si, el craneo sirve muy bien de sombrero, siempre que el cerebro no se usa.

  9. Yo quiro Taco Bell.

  10. Que triste :S
    y parece que es uno de los lugares más bonitos que hay, pero despues de saber lo que pasó, es solitario..

  11. This is a sick place to visit. Why would anyone want to go there other than to kill themselves?

  12. Thats some creepy shit. God bless their souls.

  13. […] of extremely horrific images of some of the “finds” of the body hunters, you can go here (NSFW). The image above is a makeshift noose found in the […]

  14. OMG dude with no head!!! creepy!!!

  15. Te haces un caldo alli qu te kedas como dios

  16. Este Lugar deveria ser chamado como portal do inferno,pois os suicidas vão direto pra lá.que horror

  17. y si…sea horroroso o no para algunas personas, es cierto… en Japon el hecho de suicidarse es visto como algo heroico y no “cobarde” como muchos occidentales podrian pensar…mas adelante voy a subir algo al respecto, muy interezante para que conoscan y quisas lo vean de otra manera.

  18. estoy haciendo una investigación sobre este tema, me resulta realmente muy interesante, pero la verdad es que es muy triste.
    Las fotos son horribles, es un bosque hermoso inundado de tristeza y muerte.
    Gente tan interesante y única en un país tan hermoso…


  20. cracked lol

  21. Cracked? Seriously guys? Wow I thought you were joking about all your issues
    That’s really terrible, maybe they need to wall or fence it up or just burn that forest down

  22. To cracked readers:

    The 2nd comment by nekromutante (el perfecto boske para hacerse una barbacoa ya ke la carne es gratis) literally means:

    The perfect forest to make a BBQ as the meat is free.

    Thought you might be intersted

  23. Those silly Japs. I guess when we dumped two buckets of sunshine on them their psyche snapped….only they would be so mesmerized by a forest to choose this path.

  24. […] probably is a hanged person somewhere in Aokigahara on any given day. You can see some of them here. WARNING, NSFS (Not Safe For […]

  25. This is so bizarre. But the best comment was from El Guapo, who wrote, “Yo quiro Taco Bell.” Sick bastard–I like your style!

  26. CRACKED. Sorry. This is some insane shit.

  27. GOOk

  28. This is some messed up stuff. But, i kept hep but giggle because of all the Cracked comments. ❤

  29. cracked!

    poor souls…

  30. Wasn’t their life THEIRS to do with as they wished?

    Isn’t this an expression of their individual freedom?

    No one wants to admit it, but there are times when death makes sense.

  31. sick!

  32. Cracked…

    Meh, pinches japoneses debiles mentales, se ve que ese puto pàis es de lo mas deprimente…

  33. oh cracked you make me the happiest lady!

  34. christ thats creepy


  36. que lastima
    que muchos de los japoneses se quitaron sus vidas alla. terible y triste

  37. Sad, but if you’re going to kill yourself, why not die surrounded by beauty and those who don’t judge your exit?

  38. Cracked! but man thats fucked up ):

  39. “I guess when we dumped two buckets of sunshine on them”…

    CRACKED0ne would you care to elaborate? YOU dumped what? Were you involved in any sense? Please, explain 🙂

    Cracked readers are so xupifragicos siempre, no pueden si no, jus a bunch of gringos con la cabeza tupida de enervantes, jajajajajaja.

    Un lugar que merece ser visitado…

  40. thanks cracked……… nice find

  41. Those dumbass Japs!

  42. negro – idk if you speak english or have any concept of analogies, but hes talking about us nuking them. if youre going to talk in half jibberish and half english i suggest you not call us gringos.

  43. I guess in Japan it’s understandable as the overpopulation makes it difficult to have a good standard of living. If you don’t get into a good university you are pretty much screwed so why not just kill yourself? It’s better than being too poor to live.

    Supongo que en Japón es comprensible como la superpoblación hace que sea difícil tener un buen nivel de vida. Si usted no entrar en una buena universidad está bastante jodido ¿por qué no acaba de matar a ti mismo? Es mejor que ser demasiado pobres para vivir.

  44. I guess in Japan is understandable as the overcrowding makes it difficult to have a good life. If you do not get into a good college is pretty bad why not just kill yourself? It’s better than being too poor to live.

    Supongo que en Japón es comprensible como la superpoblación hace que sea difícil tener un buen nivel de vida. Si usted no entrar en una buena universidad está bastante jodido ¿por qué no acaba de matar a ti mismo? Es mejor que ser demasiado pobres para vivir.


  46. I want to go there.. Not to kill myself, but just to explore one of the creepiest places on earth..

    – CRACKED.

  47. I guess pink scarf guy couldn’t take any more of being in the closet…


  48. Man look at all these mexicans!! Fuckin A!

  49. I have hiked long in forests in Orange County, NY. The LAST thing I want to ever find is a corpse hanging from a tree or human bones on the ground ! Also those killing themselves are selfish, leaving friends & loved ones that wonder where “Mr. Ogawa” wandered off to.

    Hopefully the churches are wrong about suicide being a sin. Otherwise this forest is literally a door to hell !

  50. LAAAA ZORRAAAAA, buen bosque tienen los japos

  51. Can someone translate this?
    Also SA and CRACKEDD

  52. This is crazy… God help us

  53. Bosque Kamikaze JOJO2 Xd xP1

  54. it’s not the overpopulation that causes competition and suicide…it’s been considered since the early 80’s that “maybe the rigourous schooling is a bit much”, where children compete for top ranks in school as early as elementary school. Most people in Japan have a very good standard of living, regardless of what they do (as in, it’s not a poverous country). A lot of it simply has to do with Japanese society having its roots as a shame society and all the pressure and stress from the standards they feel they need to live up to. My Japanese teacher was telling our class how its not uncommon for many students to crack under the pressure and commit suicide.

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  56. I lived in there and actually climbed Mount Fuji, can you believe that I actually felt sad there out of nowhere? Not only me, my other two friends said a sadness, so strongle and incontrolable was onto them.

  57. huh….ok…..kinda dont know if i wanna go there but something is telling me i should…………………………….maybe

  58. For the cracked readers
    all the stuff on their is on my list of places to go.
    but first i should pack the essence of all things happy.

  59. […] This one is pretty gory, so if you don’t deal well with dead people don’t click on it. More photos […]

  60. god help us all…


  62. That’s creepy. Aw.. and cracked.

  63. Not first!!!

    ……..also……CRACKED BITCHES!!!!

  64. That makes my soul hurt.
    Also, eeeew. I know just enough Spanish to now how CREEPY this is.
    (but not enough to make a coherent reply. Lo ciento. D:)

  65. They aint doing much – Just hanging around….

    CRACKed me up that did…

  66. Triste Meu DEUS. Devem estar sofrendo no vale dos suícidas. Oremos por suas almas. Não sabiam o que fizeram.

  67. Vaya con Dios, bambinos.


  69. chingadamadre…jaja…diz shyt s crazii……

  70. Y pensar, que la gente entra a robarse las cosas que los muertos dejan… anda pal carajo, los Japoneses les pasa algo… Bueno, si lo pensamos bien, los Americanos les hicieron… MUCHO, MUCHO, MUCHO DAÑO. Yo no pudiera vivir ni aunque sobreviviera una bomba nuclear… uno sintiera que Diós mismo lo hubiera asechado.

  71. To anyone thinking of going looting there – don’t.

    It’s not worth how much it’ll fuck up your mind.

  72. Well that’s just creepy. What is it with the Japanese and suicide?? I don’t get it. Sad, really. And yes, “the church” (or more appropriately, the Bible) is right about suicide being a sin: the only sin you can’t repent from. So yeah, don’t do it!

    Pues eso si que es espantoso. Que pasa con los Japoneses y el suicidio?? No lo entiendo. Triste, deveras. Y si, “la iglesia” (o mas apropiadamente, La Biblia) esta correcta que el suicidio es pecado: el unico pecado que no te puedes arrepentir. Haci que, no lo hagas!

    Oh, and…
    O, y…


  73. …what the crap, what timezone are these replies reported as? its 10:53pm!

    …no se como decir “what the crap” en espanol XD

  74. whoooaaaa… some of their faces rotted into big huge pixels! …that would be the worst. …cracked.

  75. This is sooo sad… Peace to their souls, that God have them in His glory!

  76. I got up at the cracked of dawn and I have to see this shit?

  77. You sick bastards from cracked make me sick. (I found this there too, but I don’t think it should’ve been there in the first place.) I can’t believe you’re sitting here making fun of people that were so depressed and unloved that they resorted to extremes. What kind of person would do something like that? Apparently a bunch of fat jerks hiding behind the internet and playing their own sick little games. Way to be assholes, guys.

  78. hey lily.. FUCK OFF BITCH

  79. Holy… shit. O_O

  80. Lily –

    Let us go to the forest and play the bongos using the discarded skulls of discarded suicides as our drums of love.

    Then, we will make sweet, sweet love on the pine needles, smelling the sickly-sweet odor of rotting corpses all about us.

    And then, I will partake of your liver, grilled in the open, with a nice Chianti and some fava beans.

    Dr, Lecter

  81. Tu madre es guardo.

  82. Dear god. I have shivers down my spine right now. I am %100 freaked out.

  83. so scary my ASS CRACKED puckered

  84. Creepy as hell. Must be tough on the volunteers who search the forest for the corpses, and I don’t even want to think about what drove all those people to commit suicide…

  85. we need it here in michigan usa

  86. Of course the churches are wrong about suicide considering there’s NO FUCKING GOD. Though I could be wrong and zombie jesus did rise again.

    Sorry about everyone’s comments pissing you off Lily, maybe if you hanged yourself from a tree you’d feel better…I’m sure your family would.

  87. is it a sad thing that all i could think about when i saw the skull was “i can see your foramen magnum!”

  88. “To cracked readers:

    The 2nd comment by nekromutante (el perfecto boske para hacerse una barbacoa ya ke la carne es gratis) literally means:

    The perfect forest to make a BBQ as the meat is free.

    Thought you might be intersted



  89. oh and shit, marco totally read my mind. I’ll take your word for it.

  90. que chorro de morones son todos.

    los que estan haciendo chistes de los que suicidaron, por favor, haganle un favor al mundo y matense ustedes.

    A los que dicen que quizieran ir a ver los cuerpos para aparentar mas ‘emo’, melancolico o macho que nadie, vete a crecer un par de verdad y dejate de mierda.

    Ese bosque se ha convertido en una tumba masiva gracias a los copiones.

  91. CRAKED!!!!!

    stan locos,

    al(@): Iraqi fucker

    vete a chingar a tu puta madre


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  94. Oh never mind, im a stupid bitch anyways, I love seeing dead people

  95. los japones son muy curioso

    also in response to the second comment i don’t believe that the meat found in the forrest would be very appetizing

  96. It would make a nice change if some people wouldn’t share their SUICIDE crap on the web so as not to give others ideas.

  97. There should be some regulation for publishing this kind of thing.
    E.g. for the f. nutcases who want to read this kind of shit.

    Why can’t they give out money for people made redundant. The Japanese govt. have so much money saved!!!!!!

    Clear the forest of the spirits and give them peace etc.,

    Who took these pictures? Perhaps the author could acknowledge it in their blog.

  98. You have got to be really ‘SICK’ to post these pictures.
    (Even the dead deserves respect regardless how they died)

    Some information just isn’t worth sharing.
    What is wrong with you people.

  99. …i wonder whether these people who took the pictures asked their families for permission?

  100. […] Poveglia, apparently the most haunted place on the planet, and Aokigahara (click at your own risk), the world’s second most popular suicide location after San […]

  101. Is it weird that I’ve got a stiffy the size of that guys femur bone..?

  102. lol netflix in 5th pic

  103. Holy shit i have the same jacket as that guy!

  104. We should sell tour packages there for Liberals, “Progressives”, DemonRats, etc. – Free Rope included with plane ticket.

  105. I WANNA GO THERE!!!!!
    i could poke rotting corpses with sticks 😀 yay

  106. If you steal money n stuff from dead guys, at least they wont complain. Although, their faces should be enough to discourage potential thieves.

  107. Cracked! But Seriously, its called LOGGING. Fix suicide forest right up.


  109. this is the scariest shit i’ve seen!
    btw, CRACKED ftw!!!!

  110. Japanese people are weird…

  111. It makes me sad that so many people were so desperately unhappy they had to choose that path…
    What a lonely, sad place to spend your last hours.

  112. cracked…

    lol badness… That’d be a forest to visit on any blair witch tour group outing.

    but yeah, It’s still sad.

  113. To the numbskulls calling for the burning down or logging of this forest:

    Shut the fuck up.

    And get a life.

  114. The Death Forest…sounds awsome… stupid japs … where can i find that novel that Cracked was talking about? just…stupid japs..when they cant win they off themselves…typical

  115. Damn it, I shouldn’t have clicked that link.

  116. […] 1. […]


  118. Puta, si hubiese premios a los comentarios mas estúpidos de Internet, de aquí se podrían sacar muchos de los posibles ganadores. Lo irónico es que a mucha gente le da lastima ese lugar, y yo en comparación, siento lastima de los que comentan aquí. No porque no tenga sentido del humor o no entienda el humor negro, sino por la sarta de imbéciles que copiando al único comentario que SI fue gracioso, hay otros 200 tratando futilmente de superarlo, convirtiendo los comentarios para el articulo en todo un salón de aspirantes a comediantes que obviamente morirían de hambre si se aventuraran en vida real a realizar tal “carrera”. Lo único que da risa de sus comentarios es el como algunos llaman “gallinas” a los que se suicidaron en ese bosque, y yo las únicas gallinas que veo, son las gallinas que se burlan de gente que no les pueden responder. Vaya, que valientes!

  119. hahaahahahaha cracked<3333

  120. You people make me sick with all your dumbass comments. I don’t think you realize the gravity of what these people felt, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I walked into my apartment and found my nephews father hanging from his belt on a doorframe, he was stiff from rigormortis. My nephew was only 1 1/2 – all of these people were someones family, and they mattered to someone – somewhere someone is devastated by their deaths. Anyone that makes a mockery of that should be put in their place, but I’m compassionate enough to hope they wake up and get a clue before they lose someone in this horrific way. This is NOTHING to laugh about.

  121. To WakeUp

    Ive seen my girlfriend blow her brains out in front of me
    Ive walked in on my best friend just as they were dying from hanging themselves

    But i still think this is halarious

    Guess some people never learn

    Fucking japs

  122. This page was made much more awesome by all the CRACKED readers’ comments.

    And the comments of people who “care”, they’re hilarious too.

    One of you retards is right. It’s a great place to have a barbecue w/ all the free meat and unattended belongings.

    I’d like to feel sorry and/or horrified but the comments….LOL!

  123. I almost threw up. I didn’t understand that before (people seeing dead people and wanting to puke). But I felt nauseous. I wonder how many real dead people I’ve seen so far now (none in real life yet). 2nd-4th?
    This is…bad/sad. Someone probably loved them. And now their photos are here. What does that mean, I wonder?? What if they see this, especially [even theoretically…if they’re aware of this]. Especially since these people have probably reached us, somehow, most likely indirectly.

  124. @Chicoboy – Being poor/not getting into a good university doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your life unless your god is money, IMO. It’s tough, but even in bleak situations, you can find some happiness even if it’s fleeting. For me I hope it’d be other poor people, since we could support each other. I think there was an article about this ‘homeless’ community in Osaka who help each other out (like ‘blue tent’ community or something. They farm and eat [and protest] together and have a website somehow, etc. Most of them are old men who suddenly became unemployed I think).
    But unfortunately it’s understandable anyway, since you said ‘too poor to live’…you’ve lost hope then and are trying to get some sort of freedom or peace I think.
    @ranter – that’s impossible. The internet is an international database of information. Suicide is a part of our world, and human culture, so it’s bound to be posted up, for some reason or another. :\ But I think some of the comments are a bit unnecessary. No restraint? I wonder what the reason is that they/we can laugh about stuff like this -.- I can’t imagine people in my culture laughing about this. All I can imagine is shock, pity, sadness and disapproval, and scolding [while doing that pitying ‘tsk’ thing].

    Ahh god, this thing gave me a headache. I still feel sick.

  125. I think it’s the 10th picture that makes me feel the most sick. The decomposition, the clothes, the pose. I can tell that person is human, but unlike the picture before it, I couldn’t mistake him for being alive. He’s unmistakably dead but his pose makes him look like a living person somehow. And everytime I look at it, the left side of my head pulses [like behind my eye, I feel pain]. Which is a weird reaction…getting a migraine. I keep looking back at it though, to understand my reaction, but I feel sicker everytime.
    AAAAH GOD I’M LEAVING. No matter how long I stare at it, I won’t feel better or understand. I can see his skull! If he had a face it’d be worse.

  126. this is intense, im a dick and i wouldnt even drop the ball on these dudes, rough

  127. dios es bueno que la muerte no me da problemas pero esto si es terrible.

  128. This is some totally fucked up shit

  129. Disregard that, I suck cocks.

  130. Que horible =(

    pero es interesante que hay ahora tan muchos comentos en ingles XD gracias, cracked 😉

    can always count on my Latino mates to make hilarious but evil jokes tho 😉

  131. I bookmarked this under weapons because if i want someone dead and i dont want to kill them i can just kidnap them and leave them here knowing they will take care of them selves 😉

  132. What does it take for someone to have their mind CRACKED enough to commit such a suicide?

  133. LOL @ the netflix

  134. me fascino este post! muy interesante. 🙂

  135. Did he die?

  136. The black man in the window is missing a finger.

  137. Fuck it! Burn down the forest and the problem is solved. Burn the trees and animals and save hundreds of lives. You do the math. Buy the time the trees grow back people will forget why they should die in such a peaceful place and see it for what it truly is.

  138. Como si eso resolviera el problema ¬¬ seguramente nadie mas cometeria suicidio… como a nadie se le ocurrió antes??.

  139. Get fucked by a horse you disrespectful scumbags

  140. I just CRACKED one off.

  141. HAHAHA

    This shit is a goddamn comedy goldmine!

  142. CRACKED!

    I was kind of expecting worse but still nonetheless, this is pretty sick. And depressing. I feel like I’m literally there…

  143. WTF!!!!CRACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. jajaja por lo menos se que no soy el unico que lee CRACKED…


  146. How are these photos “sickening” and “sad”? They’re funny! I want to go there and look for dead bodies with money on them. Then poke them all with sticks.

    Seriously these people didn’t think of seeking psychiatric help? There are places that offer free help to people suffering from depression. These people were too dumb to get help and deserve to die. The world doesn’t need anymore stupid people.

    Also, CRACKED

  147. CRACKED!!! Not a bad place for a rapist to live, LOL

  148. Bien pais andar lol. ( I hope my Spanish is ok. )

    Good place to take a little walk lol.

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  150. crazy but cool stuff

  151. god this is terrible

  152. So they gather at this forest… whatever. People kill themselves all over the world.

    People committing suicide doesn’t make me sad: it’s what some of them kill themselves for that does.

  153. O kurwa ….

  154. Que feo y que miedo :S

  155. I’m just wondering why this particular forest has seen so many suicides.

  156. they say people commit suicide there because of some book that some guy wrote and in the book 2 people killed themselves in the forrest…i guess it caught on

  157. Wow, this is really sad. I hate to say it, given the beauty of the place (minus the, er, rotting corpses), but perhaps burning the area wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. Take it to the ground and let it start over. It’ll be years before the new trees can support the weight of a human body, and maybe by then this sick fad will have passed.

    Personally, even if I wanted to kill myself in pretty surroundings, and as weird as it sounds, I’d be too petrified of coming face to face with someone else’s rotting face to want to wander in there to off myself. Yikes. What a horrible job, to go in after those bodies (presumably to identify and report the deaths).

    Though, I certainly CRACKED a few smiles at the comments here. Terrible people, the lot of you.

  158. seriusly,ders nuthin 2 mock at or show ur bravery by pokin dos dead people……situations 4ce people 2 do such terrible things!!!!who will ever want 2 die in such a way????so instead of makin fun better mind ur business…!PEACE.

  159. […] untuk melihat banyak lagi gambar-gambar yang ada d hutan ini,sila berkunjung ke belog d mana gambar-gambar ini d kutip d sini. […]

  160. didnt most of them commit suicide with a blue rope????

  161. Once I turn 18, I am so travelling there for the pictures..

  162. Duuuudes I stopped by with a few buds while on leave and we got ourselves sum skulls. We bleached em clean at a buddy’s house and now I use it as a candle holder

  163. Sirhobo, you are an internet bad ass. God damn, I wish I could be as hard as you, shit man SHIT.

  164. God, you morons that keep commenting cracked are annoying as hell. Yes, they sent you (as well as me) to this site, but holy shit stop spamming assholes.

  165. seems like a nice place to hang at eh? freaky really why do all these japanese congregate in one place to commit suicide? they could always do it at home. why take a trip to some out of the way forest.



  168. it’s sad how some people hate some other people just because of their race or just concerned how those yankees all the time talk bad about the mexican people.and they claimed the u.s.a belongs to them,but by your information,you are more waaaaayyyyy illegalls than those poor mexicans,because your descendants,ancestors CAME FROM EUROPE TO INVADE THE U.S.A,THE U.S.A BELONGS TO THE NATIVES INDIANS.Now the yankees claim the u.s.a belongs to them,too bad if you think that.and yes, im a white man and im dissapointed how my race has become into hate,racism for other natiolalities,specially the mexicans..i thank god jesus crist for being much different from you least i feel love for this life and i feel love for all a very powerful and rich man.i love this world and i know we are all humans.and all i can say to the racist people,god bless keep it up,one day your dreams might come true to be with in hell with the devil.

  169. + 10 y directo a favoritos capo 😀 … gracias por el aporte

  170. So incredibly sad. 😦 These are real people, dead in the forest. Despite all the flippant comments, I hope that we all realize that.

    It’s too bad that this forest has gotten a reputation as the place to commit suicide. It’s silly to suggest logging/razing a forest because it’s the location of choice for people who choose to kill themselves. The Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 location for suicides and we’re not going to tear that down, are we? Because that would be just ludicrous–people DRIVE on that bridge. /sarcasm

  171. Im sorry, in response to the dude who commented about jesus like 4 posts ago.. He was a fucking fake, the more you go through the bible the more holes you punch in the fucking story, its a matter of faith. As far as the assholes who hang themselves, FUCK THEM, they deserve no pity if they were weak enough to decide to off themselves over bettering their situations. Yeah, feel sorry for their families, but I’m sorry they really don’t deserve this publicity.

    Completely unrelated to my viewpoints as a rational human being.. as a prick I will admit I enjoy looking at the freaking pictures as much as the next sick fuck mainly because its just pathetic.

  172. I don’t know why, but I just don’t find death funny. And I feel intimidated by people who do. I find death interesting, sure. But I just don’t find humour in it. There’s something about death that is raw and beautiful, and should be holy. No I’m not religious. I just don’t find death and pain humorous. Nor am I shocked by it, in the least. But I am really intimitated by people who laugh at these people that died there, saying they deserved it and whatnot. But then again I’m such a failure as a person that I am intimidated by a great bunch of people. So w/e…
    So I see in a newspaper that a million people have died in some natural disaster. I am not phased by it. I don’t really even feel for them. But someone saying stuff like “those fuckers deserved it lol” really does. Ridiculous, and overly sensitive, I know. Yes, they probably deserved it, as human beings are corrupt as can be, and we will truly end up destroying ourselves one day. But I don’t find it funny. I find it sad, and terrifying.
    No, I’m not saying that I’m better than people who find these things amusing. I’m not. I just don’t understand them. And I fear always that any person I might meet in real life might be one of these people that mock others always in brutal ways. And others say this is an unrealistic thing to expect to happen? So many people all around are sadistic like this. I think it’s only fair to expect it, even if it really makes no sense to fear it. I am irrational. I am ruled by my fear, above all. And this comment is pretty darn pointless, huh?

  173. dam funnyjunk you scary

    is original and funny. Unlike this shit.

  175. omg!! haha. who came here from funnyjunk?!

  176. holy shit!
    1. I just came from Funnyjunk
    2. #14 looks sooo wrong….
    4. all of the above is confirmed

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  178. What about the trees man!!!! Has anyone thought about the trees!!!! LoL I love how the comments started off in spanish and ended off with a sh!t load of Cracked people!!! AWESOME!!!!


  180. […] tiene imagenes fuertes no recomiendo la entrada a personas sensibles…de-aokigahara/ […]

  181. christ you people have no sense of humor.
    all these moralfags need to gtfo my internets

  182. Really, some of the people here take death too seriously. Is it sad that these people killed themselves? Yes. Should the Japanese society do something about their incredibly high rate of suicide? Yes!!! ASAP!!
    The japanese society is so alienated, cold, correct and controlling in every aspect (traditions, education, correction and so on) that the result is a lot of people not taking it anymore. When they’re kids they’re all about study study study to be competitive, when they get to work they’re all about work work work so they are not smashed by someone working harder than them. Mostly, they’re not supposed to relax, enjoy life and take it easy at all. They live in crowded spaces, travel in crowded trains, work in grey offices. How are they supposed to be healthy adults?

    But… given the chance, I would go to that forest. Not to see bodies, which I really would hope to avoid, but because it’s a friggin’ forest with tall beautiful trees and a special calm atmosphere. The same atmosphere that makes people want to spend their last minutes or hours there. And no, I don’t consider myself a creepy person. I just happen to enjoy nature and quiet places. I’m not emo either.

    To those talking about respect: liking the forest doesn’t constitute a disrespect, and joking is commonly know in psychiatry as a way to distance from things that may be unsettling otherwise. It’s a tool that the mind uses for protection: if it’s not close, it won’t hurt that much.
    It is also a great practice that increases happiness, well being, connection between humans and so on. So, pretty please, relax a little and don’t feel offended as if your sister suicided there or something because honestly? that’s a little hypocryte, don’t you think? How many times have you helped someone in need? Do you work at a crisis call center? Aha, no, that’s what I thought. Chill, c’mon.

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and everybody has his/her own way of dealing with stuff AND their own sense of humour. Maybe we won’t like the things you find funny.

  183. q fuerte!!!
    no manchen se ha de sentir una bivra bien fea!!

  184. I find it troublesome that ones final impression left on this world is to be mocked and argued over in a nameless blog tucked into the corners of the internet.(With respect to Usagi y Jay) Who indeed are these people to deserve your hatred and your laughter.

    The most vile comments are clearly from those with little experience with death, a certain lack of maturity that is quite readily apparent. I truly hope you soon experience events in your shallow existence that will allow you to gain a respect for the value of human life.

    The choice of someone to end their presence in this life is a serious matter, the need to state it so obviously here is quite redundant.

    It is such a shame that such a great nation and culture is hampered by a history of ritual suicide. What great achievements might have come from those now dead.What countless lives could have been improved from the interaction of these now dead. If not the dead themselves, what futures have been denied to descendants whose chance at life is now gone.

    I remain of the opinion that suicide above all is a selfish act, a final act of defeat.To deny ones’ family and the remainder of the human race ones’ work to improve or maintain it, is selfish. It is a shame and a waste.

  185. This so sad…i heard japanese people for them is very important the honor…if they lose it they feel theres nothing left for them and commit suicide….i dont know if this is true….


  187. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! they killed themselves here because of a fucking book! This just furthers my theory that everyone in our god-forsaken universe is as susseptible to following a trend as water down a creek. the way i see it, fuck’em. if you’re stupid enough to take your own life you deserve now sympathy.

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